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John P. Rohner

     Hello there. My name is John P. Rohner. These are my American/Canadian Friends/neighbors!!!
As you can see, LIKE those who FLED Hitler.... I escaped the "Village Idiot", A LYING, Bull Shit SPOUTING, "DUMBEST" and WORST PRESIDENT, IN US HISTORY that Conned the US Public and AS A known TRAITOR, Tax Evader, coward, sex offender and many other things that would put "NORMAL" People in Prison, became KING, with the Russians backing him! I have no interest in living around people that are this stupid..
     So I moved to Mexico, (he hates), and am living the good life with people that don't have guns and you can trust.
     I wish the USA good luck and hope..

     I HOPE YOU LIKE THE PICTURE OF THE RETRUMPLICANS, WARNING they are anti Democracy! Top Right, above!!!

     In My life I have been a Father, scientist, programmer, teacher, Manager of people, solver of problems, soldier, Military Cadet, certified NAUI SCUBA instructor, Private Pilot, Amateur sports car racer, off road Motorcycle racer, HAM Radio Operator, the Founder of CB "trucker" Linear's, a founder of Satellite TVRO and developer of "Block Conversion" LNB and Recievers that used it and Digital reception and, even better, the designer of many new products that are STILL in use daily, even now.

     I have been blessed with the opportunity to have great hobbies and other things. I have, as an amateur, raced sports racing cars, internationally, participated in the Baja 500 and 1000 off road races on a motorcycle, Built and flown great Radio Controlled aircraft, studied and participated in amateur HAM Radio, even built a transceiver that used early RTL logic and was the size of a pack of cigarettes. I am a "certified" Scuba Instructor and have dived all over the world, I spent nearly a year as a disc Jockey, from 1:30 am til 7 am, I was also a "paid Escort", the guy on the arm of a beautiful woman when she goes out to show herself off. I will admit I had many great dinners and saw many great shows for free, doing this. I am also a private pilot, single engine and ex plane owner. Basically anything I thought was fun to do.

     In my schooling, and College work, I was never told that I could not do anything I wished, if I wished.  So, I have spent my life doing just that, anything I wished.  Sometimes WAY out of the Box. I have many "FIRSTS" to my name and am very proud of these and even just helping a new product get going. As Many design engineers will tell you, every time you "start" a project it is like a woman starting a pregnancy and when done it is no less a "BIRTH". And if not allowed to be completed it stays in the mind for years, probably just as a woman would think after a planned or unplanned "termination".

     I was successful at anything I did, well my marriages were a mess, but no one is perfect.  I was not a good chooser as I chose women that wished to have the money more than happiness. BUT, I did finally get that right. It just it took a very special lady who wanted "Happiness" and easy over pressure and money. Should have found a "hillbilly" sooner.

     I do not equate "Happiness" to money. There is an old Texas Saying "There are two things you can not buy. They are Happiness and TIME. So squander neither". It fits my life thinking to a tee. All money ever did for me was make for more BAD "friends" and big bills. Both of which were drags on you. My farm ish life, as a kid, probably made me that way. As I grew up with with farmers that swapped things they needed, no money involved.

    I started life like anyone who grew up on a farm in a Midwestern town of 1400, or less, twixt 1941 and 1955. Then My life changed radically. I was sent to a "private" all male military school until graduation. Strict and very intense learning but also as an all boys school easy, as there were none of the "social" problems of high school.

    My favorite answer to "where are you from" is "my mother". Where else? It is the only real answer to that question. Anything else is a lie.

     I spent my youth picking berries, milking cows, swimming in the creek and swimming in our towns BIG swimming pool while keeping my younger brother Bob out of trouble, which he reveled in.
     I was a good Catholic Boy and a "altar boy" till I went to Military school and learned of the REAL world..

     Our town was lucky to have spawned a man named Kimberly that was very generous to the town he grew up in. Thus we had a bigger pool than the County seat. We also had a Fairgrounds, which was the County Fair.  It even had a horse racing track, Surrey and horse when I was a Kid and later it switched to sport "jalopy" car racing, still is but..

     My dad was in the Army in WW2 and came back as a Captain. He then commanded the in town local US Army Reserve group, before retiring as a Major. Dad was also the Mayor, for a while, and even once owned the Ford agency.
     Our beds and rooms every Saturday morning had to be dustless and our beds could bounce a quarter, or we did not get to go to the Movies downtown. He was "spit and polish", in opposition to my mom, and about everyone else.

     When he returned from WWII he started Rohner Machine Works, with a loan from my mothers father. My Grandpa was a mail sorter on the Rock Island Railroad. The Rock Island was steam, in those days, and had a round house here as the town was the junction westbound and southbound and a overnight stop from Chicago. The various Rock Island Rocket trains, would come in and we would race over to where the engineer, behind our house, would  put the "steam" into them and we could get covered. My grandfather stood About 6 ft 4 and 300 lbs and Grandma was 4 ft 8 and maybe 90 lbs, smile.

     As kids, my grandmother gave each of us boys a Baby goose to care for. She taught the Geese the limits of the Yard, so they would make all kinds of noise if we set foot outside our yard. This did not defer Bob and one day he was in the middle of Hi way 6 and nearly got run over by a Greyhound Bus.  Bob was rather rock headed then too. But he made good beer in the upstairs bathtub..
     To this day, whenever I run into a problem you may hear me say "Come on Gert", as my goose was named Gertrude!

     I was a terrible student in Grade school, always dreaming and drawing, but I made my tests so my grades were not bad.

    My dad was very ambitious and, luckily for me, decided to send me to a private all boys Military school, where I did very well and spent my spare time studying and passing out of courses. I also got a chance to study every religion and bible, so I am Spiritual today and don't subscribe to any Man Made church..

    After High school I went on to college, The US ARMY, as all young men did, and started the "REAL" life. Download and See my resumehere for details.  

    I was lucky enough to be a person that did not believe in "IMPOSSIBLE" and in my life have bridged that gap many times.. I am very proud that I designed both the Ipad and IPOD before anyone thought it was needed. I have in my life constantly designed new things that were NOT mainstream and some took after I left them.  

    My saddest moment was when I found that everything I had fought for and been told about the USA were simply lies.
     As an inventor I had never been "limited" as to what I wished to try. I was not used to the "Greedy lil people" that inhabit the USA now. That includes the political professionals that do nothing bet get fat, as well.
     We are taught about "truth and freedom" and then the US Government decides that you should not be allowed to continue on a project.
     They say you are defrauding your investors, even though not a single one of them really feels that way. The president states we want more "alternative energy" discoveries and then drops the FBI on you to grab all your assets, 2 years later they say sorry we can not find a crime except one of your employees had some porn on their computer, evidently not knowing that the biggest user of porn sites in the USA is DOD. And the SEC drops the other ball stating you defrauded the people that in 3 weeks were to see a running sample and then become stockholders to complete the Nevada Incorporation laws. NONE have ever complained, except one dentist that. was refunded his money when he got greedy and coerced a license that was illegal from another. In court you find that the old stable American statement of "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN FALSE" does not mean a single penny to the US District court. The SEC has NEVER provided one bit of fact to any allegation but I was supposed to "disprove" their BS Statement.. AND the Court, in it's great HONOR, started it all out by making sure I had NO MONEY for any lawyer, they even impounded my Social security, and that I could not make any money that did not go to the court. In Other words I have spent the last 3 years learning law. I did ask that the case be heard in Iowa, since I lived there. That was turned down because the SEC gets a free "vacation in Vegas", at taxpayer expense for every hearing.. TOO bad if it cost me nearly all my finally released Social Security.

    With that you get taught that the American Dream is BULL SHIT. The SEC has absolutely no concept of small business and they even made math errors that grade school students, and freshman accounting class students would not. Pretty weird to all of a sudden get faced with the reality that no Government employee, except for maybe the Postal folks give a damn about anything.
     The judge has allowed this case to maybe settle, before I appeal it, and it is full of lies. He even decided that anything the SEC said was FACT not allegations they needed to prove.
     IF you or I lied on a Government document like that we would be in jail a long time. But the government is exempt..
     It is quite an awakening and if you think I am kidding feel free to go to www.inteligentry.com and read all the documents for yourself. So that is my now over 6 year WAR!!!! (2013 to 2019)
    I wish you love and luck as I am no longer living in the USA!

The Term "MonopolySoft" Copyright © 1998 – current by John P Rohner