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WELCOME to Rohner's WAR!!!

     Here we are over 3 years later, on the Governments attempt to suppress
new technology that may also be "disruptive" to the worlds top 1 %.
, against the Investors, Rohner,
& the WORLD.. The REAL "VICTIMS" of the SEC and US Government.

The US Government via the SEC, remember them. This is the agency that let all the BIG Banks take your money. Has ROBBED ALL of Monies, Millions or Billions, and Dreams.
HAIL TO "NOT MADE IN AMERICA", Stick it to them!


     Publishing the true Documents and the SEC Bull Shit shows the world what the Great United States does to new "Start Up Corporations" that may have "disruptive Technology".

     This page is about the Basic CRAP that the SEC, and others that John Rohner trusted and helped as they plotted with the SEC to screw him and their "supposed" friends.

For Complete real public trial information as filed go to. Inteligentry.com

We have nothing to hide!


     REMEMBER, if someone lies about your character they commit Slander, Libel and Defamation.
Thus they become open targets for civil law suits just as the one they lied in.
They cost the "GOOD people" over 18 million dollars.
It is time to shut them up and give them back some of the pain they seem to be "HAPPY" dispersing.
LET's --- SUE THE BASTARDS!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! The SEC is NOT immune either..

I've never said this, but seeing what they wanted to do -- to screw us all, changed that!!

LETS get the Congress and US Senate involved and let's get some lawyer's involved.

The SEC has NO REAL PROOF of any allegation, which means everything they allege is false.
AS WE ALL KNOW - NO ONE was defrauded, except the BS ers that lied in their "sworn statements".
How can anyone invest over a million dollars in something he states in his sworn statement is "FRAUD" as he took a million dollars from his stockholders in the "Lets Get Thin MD" corporation. Girouard's money tree. I wonder if these stockholders know Girouard took over a million dollars and invested it in something HE CALLS FRAUDULENT? IS That is GOOD INVESTING?

OR EMBEZZLEMENT...? One of many SEC violations that the SEC is not doing anything about.
It is time to take revenge on the RAPISTS that thought they would get away Scott free...

If you think this is "going too far" read the case, every document and find the BAD GUYs.
there are plenty to create a "CLASS" as well.
Maybe we should do a internet fund box, "Crowd Funding" to help us sue? Anyone interested?
SUE THE SEC will be the web site. LETS start a MOVEMENT!!!
Soon it will be available to join or just get information on where and when things are being heard.


     The TANA and DAN SHOW or "How to Screw your friends". And make money while not going to jail!!

     I have now completely READ the Depositions of Tana Kane and Dan Glover and I think the ex investors, that got screwed by them, should be able to see just what these people did trying to grab the company for themselves and screw everyone else. Maybe you will be as blown away by what two of MY VERY "Trusted People" did to everyone just to try and "GET IT ALL".
     They started much earlier than I thought and allied many of the "supposed" main manufacturers to screw everyone else. Which is why the engines never got done for Power Gen and why only one, NON, engine manufacturer ended up with the contract to make "Training" engines for after the running engine and generator set was shown at the March 23rd, 2013 investors meeting. Good work by them and lots of praise for those who followed Tana and cost the rest of us our investment. They even joke about "giving stuff to our new buddies".

     You know they got spooked when they realized John was testing a actual engine and WAS going to be able to show the Investors, which would show them for what they were, traitors, along with their Manufacturing stooges.

     Who do you think made sure the SEC knew exactly when to Shut the company down to screw us all? You also know they "MADE A DEAL". Both Lied to the SEC, under oath. Is that a Crime?? Hmm, but the SEC "excused" them from anything.


     First Tana Kane: TANA Kane's Deposition,

     Then Dan Glover: Dan Glover's Deposition,

     Then Tana's "LIVE IN" BOY Peter: Peter Amiet's Sworn Statement

     AND the Fruit of their work that made them $24,000 after the TRO as evidently allowed by the SEC.
     Tana and Dan's Company supported by the SEC.

     Please read when in a "relaxed mood" as these persons screwed us all. Oh I have also learned we were NOT the first that Tana TOOK.



     In this case one particular GREEDY BUZZARD is the "Get Slim MD" Dr. Girouard and his wish to "Control" this technology by joining the Historically rabid Clean Energy Inc. (CEI) company formed by Robert Rohner and Heinz Klosterman. This company is famous for raising and wasting over $18 million before Girouard raped and grabbed PlasmERG, after seeing an engine run there to move this IP in, and invested other half a Million dollars, from his public corporation with them. They have two totally worthless patents which they will threaten you with.. This group also spent many thousand dollars to insure John Rohner did not get his approved. But "don't worry, be happy" because these patents are pure BS.. Don't let them slow you down. Want help defending against them, just ask and I'll be right there.

To the US GOVERNMENT these are the "GOOD GUYS"..


    We followed our lawyers instructions and the Nevada law as required.
!! Can't correct it if it is NOT broken!!!

     As anyone that has INVESTED knows we came a long way in 2 years. Considering the "investment of taxpayer dollars" in "alt energy" by the US Government we did it on a "coffee fund" as they spent 20 million on one SOLAR site, nearly a billion on another and who knows how many Trillion on "Fusion" Power.

     When they stopped us from showing our engine we had spent less than 1 million dollars, $844,000, on rent, utilities and wages for just 13 people, not thousands. Inteligentry is hardly the "Bad Guy" here.

     My hope is that every "now" ex "investor" will see this as just what it is. An attempt to use the US Government to stop a new technology because the guys that have been "milking" it for over 30 years were about to lose their income. Does show you what a "Millionaire Dr", that is scamming the people with "Slim promises", can do to the only real "competition" he had.

     It should also show you just how powerful the US Government is when they want to be. The US Government has filed not a single "Fact" as they don't have to. Everything they "allege" is fact regardless, THEY ARE "GOD"!!. A demonstration of the true meaning of "abuse of power" that seems prevalent in our Government now.

     The real lesson here is that if you do come up with anything go to another country and develop it as the USA will strip you of it and your freedoms otherwise.



     Here is the the original web posting by the SEC from March 2013.
Yup, a few years and many millions of taxpayer dollars ago.

     Also I will publish interesting "tidbits" on those persons that worked to CHEAT US all out of our "Investments". You will soon find items about the traitor Peter Aimet, the homeless man Rohner "saved". The man who, as a supposed MD, gave Rohner medical treatments. Peter also has told many that he worked for, and with both the FBI and SEC. He also has been seen, several times, with his BIG BROWN NOSE up Guidos .... All hail the "TERRORIST", by US Law, that the SEC is shielding..
     Oh and he lives with Tana after he gave his wife to another man to please. HMM, him or her? Not much of a man...!


Notice that this color is Rohner's comments to their BULL SHIT!


Litigation Release No. 22639 / March 8, 2013
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Inteligentry, Ltd.,
PlasmERG, Inc., PTP Licensing, Ltd. and John P. Rohner
Civil Action No. 2:13-cv-00344


The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced an enforcement action previously filed under seal in federal court in Las Vegas. The SEC has obtained an emergency order to halt an investment scheme that has defrauded at least 98 people nationwide out of at least $1.4 million since 2009.

     Notice that NO CORPORATION, owned or founded by JOHN ROHNER, on this list was from started before March of 2011. So why did they use this date, as it is wrong? Also PlasmERG, Inc., Nor PTP Licensing LTD., were in default at this time, not ever valid (placeholders). NO Stock was ever issued stock except to the ME.. Even Inteligentry was incomplete without it's final meeting under Nevada Law. So NOT even VALID yet. The SEC never filed any "Investor" sworn statement that alleged any crime. The FBI could find no crime either.

The SEC’s complaint alleges that Nevada resident John P. Rohner and his companies Inteligentry, Ltd., PlasmERG, Inc. and PTP Licensing, Ltd., have been operating a fraudulent investment scheme. Rohner and his companies solicited investors for the scheme by claiming that they have developed, tested and patented an operational “plasma engine” fueled by abundant and inexpensive noble gases (such as helium), which they claim will replace the internal combustion engine. Rohner and his companies claim that the engine is non-polluting and has unlimited uses to generate electricity in homes, businesses, boats, and aircraft. For example, Rohner told at least one investor that one of his plasma engines has been running a generator on a dairy farm for 18 months and he claimed on company websites that the pollution-free engine “can run for over 3 months on a $12 gas fill”. As alleged in the complaint, Rohner originally offered securities in Iowa-based PlasmERG, Inc. from 2009 to early 2011, and from May 2011 to the present Rohner has offered securities in Nevada-based Inteligentry, Ltd., using PlasmERG and PTP Licensing as related business entities.

Notice that The Iowa Corp was "taken" by the GREEDIEST INVESTOR and John Rohner LOST ALL HIS INVESTMENT. This person went on to close this company losing all their monies. It should also be noticed that all goods and materials were unpaid storage for and no attempt was made to consider any license to maintain any contract for the use of the pending patent. He just "DUMPED" on everyone. So this Iowa Corp is not ANY responsibility of JOHN ROHNER. IF defrauded, why has this person never sued John Rohner? He did sue himself... In a FEDERAL COURT too.

Rohner and his companies lured investors into purchasing stock by claiming that the companies would be worth billions of dollars when the plasma engine is publicly revealed, repeatedly promising to publicly show his operational engine at stockholder meetings and trade shows. However, the claims were and are entirely fictitious. Rohner and his companies have never run an engine fueled by noble gases, nor have they obtained patents relating to the engine or the plasma technology.

Notice that Robert Rohner and Heinz Klosterman, under Clean Energy Inc (CEI) (with Girouard, now), and now various other companies, has been doing this for over 30 years. But they were never stopped!.. OF COURSE, until the last 4 years they never had anything to show, either.

Rohner and his companies also made false and misleading statements to investors that Rohner has advanced degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, and that they have trademarks relating to the purported engine and its plasma process. As alleged in the complaint, these representations are false. Rohner has never attended or obtained degrees from MIT or Harvard, and has never been assigned a trademark related to the engine or its purported technology.

Notice that ALL INVESTORS were provided with a Business plan, JOHN ROHNER's Resume and signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The RESUME is quite specific and contains nothing close to this. It can be downloaded from the HOT SEAT papge. ALSO remember that anyone that is making any "claim" is doing so by breaching their signed contract, NDA. So is their statement or their signature to be good? HONEST?

According to the SEC’s complaint, Rohner, Inteligentry, PlasmERG, and PTP Licensing used investor funds to pay Rohner’s personal expenditures as well as business expenses. The complaint alleges that a significant portion of the funds raised from investors was used for personal expenses, including among other things the purchase of a home in Iowa for Rohner and his wife, the purchase of vehicles for Rohner’s family members and Inteligentry employees, the purchase of home goods, and the payment of personal expenses including automobile repair services and insurance, medical services, and meals at restaurants.

We also paid wages and bought parts and lots of other expenses, please have a look at the accounting posted on the HOT SEAT page. Notice JOHN ROHNER was NOT paid a salary and he traded his 2004 Ford Expedition to the company for $10k and took a payroll advance for the remainder to buy a car. As did other KEY employees. He also took a similar advance against monies owed to by a home in Iowa. Providing the company with it's shop in the bargain. IF this person had a claim, it was never presented or legally pursued. Til now?

None of the defendants charged in the SEC’s enforcement action has ever registered with the SEC to sell securities.

Notice that WE WERE NEVER INFORMED WE HAD TO. As all of you that attended the first stockholders meeting will remember, we were told what to do by our lawyer and did that. The SEC NEVER sent ANY notice to us to change policies. These policies were reviewed by many stockholders Lawyers without question, or comment. Until the FBI showed up with loaded weapons in our faces, we thought we were doing everything right.

On March 7, 2013, the Honorable Gloria M. Navarro granted the SEC’s request for a temporary restraining order to prevent Rohner, Inteligentry, PlasmERG, and PTP Licensing from further engaging in the issuance, offer, or sale of any security in an unregistered transaction. The Court also granted the SEC’s request for an order freezing the assets of all the defendants, requiring accounting's, and prohibiting the destruction or alteration of documents. The Court unsealed the action on March 8, 2013, at the SEC’s request.

Notice that NO PROOF of ANY wrongdoing was presented to her. AS a matter of FACT, NO PROOF of 98 people and 1.4 million dollars has ever been provided to anyone, including us. This number is nearly triple what our stock sales could have possibly raised. WHERE'S THE BEEF? Nice to see we were "guilty till proven innocent" is that the NEW American way?

The SEC’s complaint alleges that Rohner, Inteligentry, PlasmERG and PTP Licensing violated the anti fraud provisions of the federal securities laws and that Rohner, Inteligentry and PlasmERG violated the securities registration provisions of the federal securities laws. Specifically, the complaint alleges Rohner, Inteligentry, and PlasmERG each violated Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act of 1933 (Securities Act), and that Rohner, Inteligentry, PlasmERG and PTP Licensing violated Section 17(a) of the Securities Act and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act) and Rule 10b-5 there under; and that Rohner aided and abetted violations of Securities Act Section 17(a) and Exchange Act Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5. The SEC seeks permanent injunctions, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains with prejudgment interest thereon, and civil monetary penalties against each defendant, and a bar prohibiting Rohner from serving as an officer or director of any public company.

Notice that IF OUR technology is FRAUD so is everyone else's. ALSO why has Dr Girouard, one of the SEC's Claimants spent over a MILLION DOLLARS trying to get it? Think about that. The University of Missouri MUST be wrong. I will admit my brother, thru CEI, used a fantasy for years to raise millions and that was fraud. But, all the developments in the last couple years, since we got serious, is a long stretch. They MUST Prove this allegation. I wish them luck.



The Term "MonopolySoft" Copyright © 1998 – current by John P Rohner